Monday, April 25, 2011


Yep...that is what I have been doing...since the weather has not cooperated since I returned from vacation, I have been working in the upstairs of my home. It was a huge task to take on ( I am not done yet) but have made a large dent in things. I was able to take my Grandmothers table from her house since we sold the house and put it upstairs in my one room where I am housing all my school items. In order for the table to come home, I made myself work in the upstairs and put up the metal shelves up that I took my dad's work area in the basement and put things on them such as all my manuals, books, supplies, bulletin board items and all the other things that a teacher accumulates. Once all that was organized, I called dad and said when ever he could, he could bring my table home, so the next night he and my brother were knocking at the door with the table and chairs. Now, the next project is to go through the remainder of the few boxes that I have upstairs and and take what I want and send the rest to Goodwill.

Since I have reorganized my upstairs to make a school work space I have been able to set up the two bedrooms for visitors to use. The rooms actually look like someone could live in them. It's amazing how one week of rainy nights can let you do so much on the inside.

Now only to get outside and get my flowers and such done and looking better then I did last year, would be a wonderful thing to happen.

Until next time.......

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Library, Teaching and more

Lately, I have been called to work at the library....To this date, I have three days booked at the library and possibly a lot more to come as the summer months and vacations approach. I still like working at the library and I am amazed at how much I do remember and how to find things quicker than looking them up on the computer. The only thing that I do find myself doing is thinking about where I am and what I am to say when I answer the phone, since I do sub at three different's all good though...the patrons are respectful of that at least! Kindergarten is moving along. We have officially started our 4th nine weeks and it is already going into the 2nd week of it...How time flies! I have been prepping and getting things organized and packed up at school with the things that I am done with for the year and won't need till next year. We are moving buildings at the end of this year and I will not know here I am going until sometime in May. I have also applied for a head teacher position, and am waiting to be called for an interview something this month. I will let you all know how that turns the mean time I am expanding and updating my portfolio for the interview. I am very grateful for the training my team teacher has given me in many areas in preparing me to become a head teacher next year. Other than that, my family will be home from vacation Monday night and as you can imagine I am excited to see them, but not to see how much tanner they are than me....UGH.....but all is good. Until the next time, remember to thank God for all he have given and what he has done for us as the Easter season approaches us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sun, Wind, Rain, Tornadoes!!!

Yes that is what vacation was like this year. I arrived safely at the Miramar resort in St. Petersburg Florida on Sunday, March 27. Upon arrival, I called my parents to find out how far away they were from joining me at the beach. Needless to say they have not left their destination, but they were only two hours out. While waiting for them, my friend from ten years ago arrived and we immediately began catching up on the last ten years. The afternoon went fast, my parents and Grandparents arrived, and we all unloaded the van, moved in and enjoyed the lovely warm weather of Florida. Each day was a new experience! Monday began with us getting up and walking over five miles on the beach before breakfast. Then we changed and were in our suits and by the pool the rest of the day. Tuesday, we were up and walking the beach again and by the pool again….Repeat on Wednesday with dodging a rain shower and then back to the poolside and playing water games. Each evening we played about three rounds of shuffleboard, and yes, I won almost all the games. I joined up with my dad as my partner and we beat Grandpa and Matthew each time, until Friday night when they beat us…and I mean beat us bad! Then friend from Minnesota, joined in on the fun and us two adults took on the teens and beat them, of course they did not like that we beat them, so they are already planning on next year taking us on in a challenge to see if they can beat us. Thursday…..oh Thursday….what a day…We were stuck in our room ALL day long. There were 74 mile winds, tornadoes and downpours all day long until 9pm that night….I could not wait till it let up and I could get out of the room. At 9pm I took off and walked around the place were we stayed and then the rain started again and I never ran so fast in my life to get back to the room. When I woke Friday morning, and opened the door, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was so beautiful and warm you would have never know that we where in somewhat of a hurricane/tornado weather the day before. It really makes you think and appreciate where we live and how lucky we are not to have to worry about dangerous weather all the time and what might be coming or not coming when you live along the water. But then when you wake and see clear skies and no damage, you really are thankful for the things around and what a wonderful Creator we have and how He always keeps us safe in the storms of life. Vacation was so nice this year. I was able to relax, enjoy family time, make memories, laugh (and laugh so hard at times) and just have plain ole fun with friends from the past and present. At this moment I wish I was still able to be there as my family is there right now till Sunday when they start for home, but work was calling! Until next time remember to thank our wonderful Creator for all he has done for you and your family!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preparing for Vacation

Yes, in about 11 days I will be leaving for vacation with the family. Of course my parents and Grandparents will already be in Florida, but they will not be at "our" place until late afternoon on the 27th. I however am flying out on Sunday morning early, and will be at our place before them... i am really looking forward to spending time on the beach, hunting seashells, making memories with my parents, grandparents, brother and meeting up with a friend of mine that I have not seen in about 10 years. It is sure to be a great time for all.

But until the time of departure, there are many things to be accomplished here at home. School is moving right along, and we are in the middle of the 3rd nine weeks assessments and soon to be Benchmark testing as report cards are due soon and the nine weeks end on the 25th. It is hard to believe that we are approaching the last nine weeks of the school year. There is still so much to be done and to teach the kids, but we always seem to get is all in, in a matter of time.

I am looking forward to going to Amish country with the family to purchase our cheese for vacation and pick up a few card making supplies that I like to get there. Then I will be preparing to pack a suitcase on Sunday and then making dinner for my best friend and her husband here on Monday night. Then from that it is only a week till I leave....

As life gets more and more cluttered with everyday activities I find me reminding myself to take a step back, take a deep breath and take each day at a time and to make more time for me and God and to appreciate all that he has given and blessed me with everyday. I hope that you all are able to do that as well.

Enjoy this nice weather that we are about to get......

Until Next time.......

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time to catch up

I know...I's been a long time since the last post.

Teaching kindergarten has really kept me busy. Things are never quiet in kindergarten.

We are busy getting things ready to do the 3rd nine weeks assessments and report cards. Spring break is fast approaching...and yes I am going to Florida for a week with the family.

This winter has been rough with all the snow, and the snow days and catching up and now having to make them up....but This is it goes with the territory!~

I have been subbing at the library as well in addition to teaching.

My mom and I have been working a project to show our family heritage. We are working a scrapbooks and we are almost finished with my dad's side of the family and then we will begin mom's side.

Other than that , we have just been digging out from all the snow and water lately. I am so ready for Spring.

Hope that everyone is well, and will try to update upon my return from family vacation.

until then................

Monday, November 8, 2010

One Year Anniversary

This post is way overdue. Since school has started I have not had the time to just sit and type an entry. I know that many of you are waiting on a new read, or at least I hope you are still reading this.

Now that the first nine weeks has passed by, I have found that I have been teaching one year already. My Anniversary date was October 26th. Can you believe that one year has passed already since I posted that I was hired as a teacher? I sure can't. This definitely tells us how fast time is flying by and how much we can do in a year. This first full year of teaching has brought many challenges in teaching and in my personal life as well. Changing to this life style as a teacher has been fun. being off all summer was GREAT.... I was not sure I would like that, but the projects I got done, the places I was able to go, and more time with family has been the best for me all around. So all in all having summer off was fantastic. My fellow teachers will probably agree with me whole heartily.

I have a great class this year. I have 39 students...20 at a time but all 39 are there all day. My team teacher is WONDERFUL to work with. The staff in the building are such a blessing as well and are willing to share new things with me as well as taking ideas from me. There is never a dull moment in Kindergarten. Nightly and weekly I come home with stories to share with my family. They always look forward to "storytime" from me. They just seem to know when I have some good ones and we always have a good laugh. I must say I Love being a teacher.

Farm work is moving right along. The beans are off...they were done two weeks ahead of schedule from last year and the corn will be done three weeks ahead of last year. We only had two major break downs this year and my Grandpa and Dad were able to fix them. It is weird to see the houses and the land around me as I have only been looking at corn since May. So it is a big difference right now and to see the deer again is so nice.

Veterans' Day is fast approaching and again I enlisted Grandpa to come to school and share what her did when he was in the Air Force. He served 4 years as a flight instructor for the Air Force in Amarillo Texas. It is a pleasure hearing his stories and the stories from his buddies as well. If you get a chance to talk to a Veteran please treasure all the memories they have to share as it will only enhance your life and the lives around you. Thank you Grandpa for serving and sharing you experiences with me.

Well that is about it for now...till next time....remember to hug those you love especially the Veterans in you life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School and much more

I's been a long time since the last entry...let's see almost 2 1/5 months....That is way to long.

Since the last post we have been busy with many things around the farm. I have helped to can pickles from the garden...87 pints to be exact, we did 27 pints of corn relish, and I am freezing tomatoes as I type. I have always wanted to learn how to can pickles and this was the summer to do so. I have Grandma's recipe and I have already made my copy for the future.

Once the pickles and corn relish were done, softball season started. We have been busy with that every Monday and Wednesday. Matt is playing and Dad is coaching. They both love it and the team has IMPROVED so much since last year....OK they have only won two games, but they are scored at least 8-10 runs a game which is giving the other teams a wake up call, because they are remembering that the team was like last year. Matt is playing second base and is doing great....he got 4 outs at the last game.!!!

I have attended one cousins wedding and it was lots of fun, attended another cousins wedding reception because they were married in Indy, and am looking forward to another cousins wedding in Oct. I know lots of weddings, but lots of fun and family time!

School has begun and is well under way! The kids are great...they are really well behaved. I am so happy to be teaching again and starting at the beginning of the year rather then the second nine weeks like last year. I have a total of 39 students at this point in time, but that can change at any moment during the school year!

All in all the last two months have been super busy and will only get busier now that fall has started! Choir season starts up this Thursday and I am looking forward to both bell choirs and the Chancel choir.

That's it in a nutshell.....hopefully next time I will have some kidisms to share! Till then.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Olympics, friends and family

Last weekend I spent it with the family in Columbus watching Matt compete in the Special Olympics in tennis. Yes, it was a very hot weekend, but well enjoyed by all. There were a total of 2600 athletes down there and that is not counting the coaches, volunteers, and family members. So there was probably close to about 35 hundred people roaming the campus of OSU that weekend. Matt did really well in tennis. He placed 5th in singles and was in the 2nd to top division and in doubles they got 4th and they were in the top division. So he has improved and moved up and he was very happy with his outcome because he knows he has to work harder and harder each year and that is what he has done!

Of course this was the weekend we celebrated our Nations birthday. We all gathered at my parents and my grandparents and our friend from the library came out and we had a little celebration with BBQ ribs and all the fixings for lunch and then a mini fire and hot dogs and goodies in the evening as we watched the fireworks from our own back yard! That is one thing we will not miss...the fighting traffic to get the best set for fireworks, we just have to stand in our backyard and we see so so so many! and it's Free parking!

I am slowly working on getting the upstairs of my home cleaned and straighten up and school things organized. It is starting to look like bedrooms and real living space up there now....i have gotten rid of so many things and boxes that, that made a huge difference the first day. That the last week or so in an entry....

Until Next time ... Have a wonderful week and try to stay cool!